Harry Styles gay? His fans thinks so for this reason

Why fans think Harry Styles’ new album is proof of his bisexuality

The song is a glam rock influenced soft rock power ballad, and has frequently drawn comparisons with the work of David Bowie. Rolling Stone ranked it as the best song of 2017.

is harry styles gay

Harry Styles refuses to define his sexuality because honestly, ‘who cares?’

Looking at it this way, the queer idolisation of Harry Styles doesn’t feel deserved. “Harry Styles says he doesn’t feel need to label his sexuality”.

“Harry Styles causes hysteria with comment about gender and sexuality”. In 2013, Styles along with One Direction member Liam Payne became ambassadors for the cancer charity Trekstock, and raised more than $800,000 through the online fundraising platform Prizeo. In 2015, Styles sponsored water wells in India via Drop4Drop in support of Life Water’s World Water Day campaign.

The One Direction alum refuses to label his sexuality. In a recent interview with The Guardian, he offered blunt answers when an interviewer encouraged him to identify himself. The “Fine Line” singer was questioned on whether he identified as bisexual. “Harry Styles basically said with his whole chest “my sexuality is not the most interesting thing about me” and preach,” another joked. Just when we think we can’t love Harry Styles more he goes and charms us even more.

Some fans think the album cover is Harry’s cryptic way of coming out as bisexual, while LGBTQ+ Twitter was positively LIVING for his new ‘Lights Up’ video. Meanwhile, Harry himself has been open about gender and experimenting with fashion, wearing a dress for a recent photoshoot. Styles refusal to publicly define his sexuality is indicative of wider feeling.